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Posted 25 September 2018 (more news)

In the latest version of SkyDemon we've made it simpler to access the powerful flight logging controls available to you.

When you enter navigation mode, on the ground, you'll see buttons at the bottom of the screen to log your engine start time, and to log your off blocks time. The buttons are shown in the space used for virtual radar (as you can see in the screenshot) because virtual radar doesn't need to be showing while you're on the ground. As soon as you press to start the timers they begin counting up, and when you take off, they are replaced by the normal virtual radar for the duration of your flight.

Once you have landed, the timers are displayed again, and you can see your flight time against the blocks time and engine times, which will both still be counting up. When you stop moving you can log back on blocks, and subsequently you can log the engine stop time too. All the times stay onscreen until you switch back to planning mode, and they're recorded permanently into the log of the flight.

The flight log can be backed up into your SkyDemon cloud and the Log Summary function will give you the total engine time, blocks time and flight times for all logged flights.

Additionally, the latest version of SkyDemon will log your blocks times automatically, if you don't explicitly use the button. Once you've logged the engine start, we log off blocks as soon as you start moving. After landing we log back on blocks automatically as the last time you moved before engine shutdown. Normally, therefore, it is not necessary to manually log blocks times.

If you're not interested in using SkyDemon to do this sort of logging, you can just ignore the buttons. They disappear as soon as you take off, and your post-flight log will simply not contain that data.
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