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Welcome to SkyDemon. We make the best VFR flight-planning and navigation software in the world, and we can't wait to show it to you.

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SkyDemon Flight Planning

Our custom-built vector charts are the clearest you will find, adjustable to your requirements and presented in a style with which you are comfortable. Route planning is as simple as clicking and dragging on waypoints, and analysis of your flight profile or trajectory is made easy with Virtual Radar.

Briefing services include the latest TAF, METAR, forecast winds aloft and NOTAM relevant to your route, all of which are automatically downloaded and intuitively depicted on your chart. Your weight and balance and precise fuel and cost calculations are updated in real time as you plan, and you are warned about any incursions into controlled or dangerous airspace.

Access a huge repository of airfield documents from the national AIPs across Europe or from many third-party suppliers. Take advantage of the latest social feature to view real-time fuel prices shared by other SkyDemon users for hundreds of airfields across Europe.

Taking your route from the planning stage to the flying stage could hardly be easier. On an iPad, iPhone or Android device simply press Go Flying. Print enroute charts, a Pilot Log and other briefing data to create a route kit perfect for taking along in the cockpit. For an international flight, you can file a VFR flightplan for your journey in seconds.

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SkyDemon GPS Navigation

While flying, SkyDemon will present you with a moving map of unparalleled clarity, with a wealth of extra information available at a touch of the screen. Load a route you have planned earlier or plan one by simply touching the map. Virtual radar keeps you informed about upcoming airspace, obstructions, NOTAM and terrain, with accompanying warnings.

You'll have the latest TAF, METAR, NOTAM, forecast winds aloft and other data loaded before takeoff for reference in flight, and some devices can even update this data while aloft. If you change your planned route while airborne you can still obtain a NOTAM briefing to ensure your new route is safe.

Navigate enroute using the map, direction indicator or with an HSI. Use the extended centreline guidance to align early at your destination and optionally use our pseudo-ILS instrument for extra guidance. View approach information for any airfield to see the precise runway layout and dimensions, contact frequencies and other essential details.

Take advantage of georeferenced airfield plates to help navigate around the taxiways of unfamiliar aerodromes. After your flight, inspect its precise horizontal and vertical path and all timings with the flight logging facility, and archive it to the cloud for posterity.

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The beauty of SkyDemon is having at your finger tips all the information to help keep me safe in the air, and within the rules. To be able to see a profile of the route, weight & balance, Notams, weather and Plog etc. after a few minutes on the laptop is amazing.
- Richard Smith, York

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