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Posted 07 September 2016 (more news)

In the forthcoming 3.6.4 version of SkyDemon we have completely overhauled our briefing pack creation feature. You can now create a briefing pack containing any of the SkyDemon briefing data you like, on any page size, with the option of split A5-on-A4 pages. All printed output has been optimised to look great, and this feature is now available and consistent across PC, iOS and Android. For the first time on PC, you can combine any/all parts of the briefing pack into one document.

The PLOG has gained a facelift and we now include rules on the blank areas of the page to assist note-taking. Virtual Radar output is cleverly split across multiple pages and is now configurable so you see as much height around your planned route as you like. Brand-new airfield information pages combine a map with all our admin and approach data in a visually appealing way. Fully decoded TAF and METAR bulletins look as great on paper as they do in the briefing window. NOTAM are clearly paginated. Weight, balance and fuel data are combined onto one page with a clear graph.

The photo shows some of a briefing pack we just created on a test iOS device, and you can find the full PDF created here:
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