Purchase a Personal SkyDemon Subscription

With a SkyDemon subscription, you get everything we produce included with no hidden extras: all our charts, live NOTAM briefing with graphical depiction, TAF, METAR, GAFOR, wind forecasts and airfield plates. We'll even throw in a handful of flightplan credits when you pay online (annual subscription only) to help you get started. We'll email you with everything you need as soon as your purchase has completed.

This subscription is for your own personal use (you must not allow others to use it) and can be used on up to two PCs and two mobile devices (iOS or Android).

Where do you Live?

SkyDemon is intended for the European market and our chart coverage in the USA is basic. You can still purchase a subscription if you wish, for use in the countries we do cover. View countries with chart coverage.

Subscription Length

We offer annual subscriptions, which give great value for people who fly all year round; and monthly subscriptions, which suit people who fly seasonally or want the additional flexibility of monthly payments.

12 months of SkyDemon

USD $153 to pay today
USD $116 next year

1 month of SkyDemon

USD $17 per month

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