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The Queen's Awards for Enterprise
We are proud winners of awards in both the Innovation and International Trade categories, and are the only company in our industry to have received such recognition.


Our flight-planning features make planning your flights easy, quick and fun. We bring you all the information you need and present it intuitively around our own vector charts, which are the clearest in the industry.

Overlay a personalised weather forecast on the map suitable for your own flying preferences. Read a clear NOTAM briefing and clearly visualise what temporary hazards exist. Compare airfield notes with other pilots and prepare a comprenehsive briefing pack for your flight.

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I have to say SkyDemon has been consistently most impressive, I can't remember when (if ever) I have come across a firm who is so good. Somehow you bring aeronautical data together in a cohesive way, and on top of that you do so very effectively across 3 or 4 different platforms, and keep on top of queries too - quite remarkable.
Henry Foster
Wanted to say that your product is fantastic and so reasonably priced. I have been flying for 28 years now and think it has improved flight safety for the PPL beyond anything I have seen in that time. Any PPL who does not have SkyDemon is missing out on so much. It reduces the stress level when flying and makes planning so easy and safe.
Brian Payne
I used SkyDemon to plan a recent international trip. The software was excellent and made planning the flight much easier than the traditional method. I was also able to print off the charts on A4 sheets which were easy to manage in the cockpit. I will use SkyDemon to plan all my trips in future.
Mike Freeman