Skyguide Swiss VFR Manual Subscription

The Skyguide VFR manual is the definitive guide to flying VFR to Swiss aerodromes. It includes all the textual information you will need, and many georeferenced visual approach and departure plates to help you find your way around.

ProductSkyguide Swiss VFR Manual Subscription (one year)
Number of Documents173 (currently)
Last Updated2 December 2021
PriceUSD $45

You should already see these plates listed in the Plates window of your SkyDemon as long as your filtering settings allow display of plates requiring purchase. Once this purchase goes through, SkyDemon will allow you to download and view the plates.

Note: This product is sold as a year-long subscription which is separate to your SkyDemon subscription. If you purchase today, documents from this product will be available to you until 5 December 2022 assuming you have a valid SkyDemon subscription for the duration of that time.