Pooley's UK Flight Guide Subscription


Pooleys offers you the most up-to-date plates available for the United Kingdom and the near continent. The Pooleys plates come geo-referenced for additional accuracy. With over 50 years of experience, Pooleys is the generic name for accurate, up-to-date airfield information.

ProductPooley's UK Flight Guide Subscription (one year)
Number of Documents495 (currently)
Last Updated16 May 2024
PriceUSD $36

You will be able to access these plates in the Airfields tab in SkyDemon once your purchase is complete.

Note: This product is sold as a year-long subscription which is separate to your SkyDemon subscription. If you purchase today, documents from this product will be available to you until 24 May 2025 assuming you have a valid SkyDemon subscription for the duration of that time.