Purchase a SkyDemon Gift Certificate

A SkyDemon subscription is the key to hassle-free planning and navigation of VFR flights throughout Europe. It will save a friend or loved one countless hours of tedious planning, leaving them more time for the fun parts of flying.

A SkyDemon subscription gift certificate

A SkyDemon gift certificate unlocks a full SkyDemon subscription for the person who registers it. This allows access to all features available on all our supported devices (PC, iPad, iPhone and Android). The subscription will last for a year from the date the certificate is registered (the certificate itself will not expire), after which the account holder may choose to renew it for USD $118.

Note that these certificates are intended for people who do not have an existing SkyDemon subscription. They are for leisure pilots and are not for business use.

USD $154

We will send the gift certificate to you directly, by post. On the following pages please ensure you enter YOUR details, not the details of the person to whom you intend to give the certificate. We do not need to know any details about them.

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