FLARM Decoding

SkyDemon can decode FLARM signals emitted by gliders and other aircraft, which are received and passed to SkyDemon in their raw form by a compatible traffic receiver. We do this under license from FLARM, and the feature requires an annual subscription. For a more general overview of electronic conspicuity technologies, read our Traffic Display and Collision Avoidance page.

ProductFLARM Decoding Subscription (one year)
PriceUSD $36

For this feature to work, you must be using a compatible traffic receiver in your aircraft. Compatible traffic receivers are listed below.

uAvionixSkyEcho 2

Note: This product is sold as a year-long subscription which is separate to your SkyDemon subscription. If you purchase today, the functionality will be available to you until 7 December 2024 assuming you have a valid SkyDemon subscription for the duration of that time.