Purchase SkyDemon for Business

The best way to start using SkyDemon in your business is to purchase a license for each PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device you wish to use SkyDemon on. You get access to everything we produce with no hidden extras: all our charts, live NOTAM briefing with graphical depiction, TAF, METAR, GAFOR, wind forecasts and airfield plates. All devices will share the same cloud storage account for easy standardising of waypoints, settings, and custom data between your users.

This subscription is for the use of anybody authorised by your business on any of the devices you have licensed.

If you need to license a larger number of devices, or you have business requirements not catered for by this type of license, please use our Bespoke SkyDemon Licensing page to begin a discussion with us.

Where do you Live?

SkyDemon is primarily intended for the European market and our chart coverage should not be considered comprehensive in the selected country. You can still purchase a subscription if you wish, for use in the countries we do cover. View countries with chart coverage.

Number of Devices

You need to purchase a license for each device on which you will use SkyDemon. The minimum number of devices for which you can license SkyDemon for business use is 3.

USD $266 to pay annually

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