SkyDemon for AndroidTM

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Our Android app is a free download from the Play Store, and once installed on your Android device, requires you to enter the login and password for your SkyDemon subscription (or trial) to work.

Get SkyDemon for Android

First, if you do not already have a SkyDemon subscription, sign up for a free 30 day trial.

The SkyDemon app is free to download on the Play Store. When you first run it you will need to log in with the credentials we sent you for your subscription or free trial. To install the app, touch the button below on your Android device.

Get it on Google Play

There may also be beta versions available for this software.

Compatibility and Support

Your device must be running at least version 4 of Android, entitled Jellybean, for SkyDemon to install and run.

Watch Tutorial Videos

We have recorded some tutorial videos in which you can see most of the major features of SkyDemon in action, in both the planning and navigation phases of flight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is SkyDemon designed for phones or tablets?
SkyDemon is designed to run on both. If your device has a very small screen you may find it a little cluttered.

Q. What are the minimum hardware specifications?
RAM: Your device should have at least 768 MB RAM.
Storage: SkyDemon does not use much storage; around 100 MB with a typical configuration of charts. All modern devices have far more than this.
WiFi/3G: Any internet connection is fine; your device does not need 3G connectivity.
GPS: To use SkyDemon to help you navigate in flight, your device will need GPS.

Direct Download

You can download SkyDemon for Android directly from us to your device. In most cases you should not do this, as it's usually preferable to install via the Play Store as detailed above. If you need access to a specific version, though, or for some reason cannot use the Play Store, use the links below to download.

ProductRelease Date
SkyDemon for Android 3.15.415 June 2021
SkyDemon for Android 3.15.324 May 2021
SkyDemon for Android 3.15.24 May 2021
SkyDemon for Android 3.15.130 March 2021
SkyDemon for Android 3.1515 February 2021
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.712 January 2021
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.616 December 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.526 October 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.428 September 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.321 September 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.218 August 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.14.114 July 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.13.718 June 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.13.618 May 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.13.530 April 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.13.426 February 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.13.314 January 2020
SkyDemon for Android 3.13.28 January 2020