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This page details the significant changes made to all SkyDemon platform products from one version to the next. The release date given generally corresponds to our PC and Android products; the release date for our iOS product may be slightly different due to Apple's approval process.

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14 Feb 2024
  • Improvements to the High Contrast / Night chart style (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Improvements to speed of switching between full-screen tasks (Android)
    These include PLOG, Logbook, Scratchpad.
  • Improvements to performance while updating charts (iOS, Android, PC)
12 Dec 2023
  • You can now customise the trail left by your aircraft in flight (iOS, Android)
    You can choose between breadcrumbs or a thin line, and change the colour, in the aircraft symbol options.
26 Sep 2023
  • FIS boundaries are now drawn in our maps (iOS, Android, PC)
    This is the first time such boundaries have been drawn in our maps, though the information has always been available elsewhere. They appear as dotted green lines, and can be turned off (if desired) from the Mapping screen.
  • International borders are now highlighted in our maps (iOS, Android, PC)
    These make it easier to see where one country ends and the next begins. In the SkyDemon chart styles they appear as a thick but faded gray line.
  • Airspace activations by NOTAM and AUP are listed in the What's Here screen for the airspace (iOS, Android)
    Previously, these activations were listed in separate parts of the software.
12 Jun 2023
  • Terrain shading and colours have been updated to look better across Europe (iOS, Android, PC)
    This mostly affects our primary chart styles, SkyDemon Terrain and SkyDemon Ground Cover.
  • A list of recent finds is kept in the Search window (iOS, Android)
    This makes it quicker to locate things you successfully found recently.
  • You can now tap the wind in What's Here to see winds aloft at all altitudes (iOS, Android)
    Open the What's Here screen over a wind barb on the map to see more wind data.
  • Improvements to graphical NOTAM depiction in Eastern Europe (iOS, Android, PC)
  • The aircraft CG envelope can now be defined as a moment-mass graph (iOS, Android)
    Previously the only option was to define it as a distance-from-datum-mass graph, but now you have the option to use the style from the aircraft PoH.
4 May 2023
  • GFP file format is now included when you share a route, for Garmin GTN devices (iOS, Android)
  • Virtual Radar has been updated so that while flying, more terrain below you is visible (iOS, Android)
    This works together with the ability to resize virtual radar, so it can be enlarged to show more terrain as required.
  • A sound and speech is now played if you lose the connection to your WiFi traffic receiver (iOS, Android, PC)
    Previously, only the on-screen banner was shown.
30 Mar 2023
  • Improvements to map drawing speed (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Various minor user interface improvements (iOS, Android, PC)
25 Jan 2023
  • Various improvements to loading speed, memory consumption and stability (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Connectivity to Avidyne IFD systems restored (iOS, Android, PC)
    An update to IFD firmware broke connectivity with SkyDemon.
4 Oct 2022
  • Mac support enhanced (iOS)
    Previous versions of SkyDemon have worked on Mac M1 computers but not all features worked properly. In this version all features work, and macs are treated the same as PCs for licensing purposes.
  • Weather animations updated (iOS, Android, PC)
    We have replaced the old weather time slider with a simple Animate button. When animating, SkyDemon will loop through the previous three hours and the next hour, showing the wind, rainfall and flyable conditions applicable at those times.
  • Nearby airfields offering an ATIS are now displayed in the Radio tab. (iOS, Android)
  • Airspace highlighting updated (iOS, Android, PC)
    When highlighting a piece of airspace from What's Here or the Warnings tab (among others) it is now more clearly brought to your attention.
24 May 2022
  • Direct To Overhauled (iOS, Android)
    Each airfield now has a mini diagram, summary of each runway and rotating arrow pointing to its relative bearing. We also now highlight airfields in green if you can likely glide to it from your current position.
  • Waypoint Searches in Flight Sorted by Proximity (iOS, Android)
    Sorting by proximity (rather than alphabetically, as in planning mode) helps you to find the most likely candidate fast when ATC advise you to route via a specific waypoint.
  • Previous and Next Buttons in Logs (iOS, Android)
    When viewing a flight log there are now Previous and Next buttons so you can cycle between logs without exiting the screen.
  • Virtual Radar Empty Size Improved (iOS, Android)
    Following on from our feature where you can resize virtual radar, the empty display (shown before you have planned a route) is now much thinner, leaving more map to explore.
  • Route Export to KML (iOS)
    When Sharing a planned route, it is now output in KML format alongside existing formats. This format is easily viewable in Google Earth which also includes a fly-through feature so you can simulate your planned flight against realistic scenery.
  • SkyDemon is now translated into Hungarian (iOS, Android)
11 Apr 2022
  • Sharing a route now produces files in GPX and FPL formats along with the SkyDemon format (iOS)
    This can be useful for exporting routes into other software or saving the files to an SD card.
  • Scratchpad now supports Apple Pencil and a variety of drawing tools (iOS)
    Drawing and writing with a finger is also much more responsive. Applies to iOS 13+ only.
  • Improved the chart loading speed (iOS, Android, PC)
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