SkyDemon Tutorial Videos

These screencast videos are designed to provide an easy introduction to SkyDemon, and what it can do. Watch them in order, to be guided through functionality as you'll need it; or simply pick a video covering a topic you're interested in.

All the videos are recorded on an iPad. The experience on Android and iPhone varies a little but is broadly the same. Our PC software user interface is a bit different to the mobile user interface but most of the features are the same.

Videos in German Language
SkyDemon in der Schweiz: Diese Videoanleitungen zeigen, wie benutzerfreundlich SkyDemon ist. Praktische Beispiele mit Windows und Android erklären nicht nur, wie man SkyDemon nutzt, sondern auch wie man aus dem Luftraum «Schweiz» das Maximum herausholt.
These videos were produced by a SkyDemon customer and are hosted on an external server.

Top Tips

We produce these videos weekly, assisted by Flyer Magazine. They are also posted on our Facebook Page.

Longer Tutorials

1. Getting Started and Using the Map

Takes you through the main parts of the SkyDemon user interface and introduces you to our vector map.

2. Route Planning

Shows you how to plan a few different routes and adjust them to avoid airspace and other hazards.


Demonstrates the NOTAM briefings, how to hide NOTAM, and how NOTAM are graphically depicted on our chart.

4. Weather, Part 1

Shows how METAR, TAF and SIGMET bulletins are integrated into SkyDemon route planning and briefing.

5. Weather, Part 2

Continues looking at weather, specifically GAFOR, forecast winds aloft, rainfall and associated animations.