SkyDemon Version History

This page details the significant changes made to all SkyDemon platform products from one version to the next. The release date given generally corresponds to our PC and Android products; the release date for our iOS product may be slightly different due to Apple's approval process.

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[NEW] The Pilot Log and Briefing Pack can now be accessed with only a local flight planned iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] When adding a new aircraft to your aircraft library you are now given a list of existing aircraft profiles to customise iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is now possible to open a flight log sent to you by email, which will add it to your SkyDemon library iOS, Android
[NEW] It is now possible to export SkyDemon user waypoints from your device by email iOS, Android
12 Jul 2017
[NEW] Filed flightplans can now be managed (cancelled, delayed, closed, viewed) from within SkyDemon iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The map now automatically zooms in and out as you leave your takeoff airfield and approach your landing airfield iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Integrated pilot feedback shows real-time information about airfields and allows you to submit your own feedback PC
[NEW] Pieces of airspace and NOTAM are now highlighted in virtual radar as well as on the main map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Georeferenced plate rendering speed has been dramatically improved on Android version 5 (Lollipop) and later Android
[NEW] You can now pan and zoom the main map at the same time, leading to a smoother user experience iOS, Android
[NEW] Timings are now drawn on turning points for Red Arrows formation transits where possible iOS, Android, PC
18 May 2017
[NEW] TAF, METAR, Wind and GAFOR information is now beautifully represented in the What's Here screen and tooltip iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The north indicator button has been replaced with a "pan to current location" button in planning mode iOS, Android
[FIX] Fixed a formatting error when displaying frequencies and also a rare crash in the What's Here menu iOS, Android
8 May 2017
[NEW] Traffic warnings have been enhanced and extended, with a new traffic radar instrument available either fullscreen (phones) or embedded in virtual radar (tablets) iOS, Android
[NEW] The What's Here screen and tooltip now include a graphical airspace stack showing the extent of controlled airspace iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The What's Here screen and tooltip have been enhanced to better present frequencies and other information iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Integrated pilot feedback shows real-time information about airfields and allows you to submit your own feedback iOS, Android
[NEW] Controlled airspace is now separately switchable for classes A-D and class E in map layers iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] We now offer the facility to file an electronic GENDEC form for flights arriving in The Netherlands iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Support for new German TMZs with squawks and frequency monitoring codes has been improved iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now a SkyDemon Plate option in the Airfield screen to immediately access all the information we have for an airfield in one screen iOS, Android
[NEW] Virtual radar in flight now dynamically changes vertical scale when in a climb or descent iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] User document lookup for an airfield now works with a local identifier when an ICAO identifier is not available iOS, Android
[NEW] NOTAM which have been hidden are now displayed as grayed-out when producing a Briefing Pack iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Visual Reporting Points listed in the airfield Approach Information screen are now clickable so you can easily find them on the map iOS, Android
[FIX] Wooded areas could remain hidden in planning mode if TerrainSafe was switched on in navigation mode iOS, Android, PC
12 Jan 2017
[NEW] Faster map rendering speed and availability of maps when panning and zooming iOS, PC
[NEW] Broken parts of a track log are now explicitly highlighted on the main map and in virtual radar iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Weight and balance now includes a simple model which eliminates the complexity of loading envelopes when they are not needed iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The iLevil is now supported as a source of position and traffic data while navigating, via GDL90 protocol iOS, Android, PC
22 Nov 2016
[NEW] NOTAM, TAF and METAR briefings are now automatically synced to a local flight when one is created, and a local flight is better represented on the map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Traffic receivers using the GDL90 protocol are now supported as position sources iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] More detail is now shown at 1M and 2M scales, and existing features have been optimised for display iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is no longer necessary to plan a route in order for Rainfall, TAF, METAR and GAFOR to appear on the map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is no longer necessary to plan a route in order for NOTAM to appear on the map iOS, Android, PC
[FIX] Documents which had been replaced could fail to display correctly when launched from All Documents iOS, Android
21 Oct 2016
[NEW] GAFOR area forecasts in Germany are now supported iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] New icons for other traffic have been introduced iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Various minor cosmetic updates throughout the product iOS, Android
[FIX] An issue where SkyDemon could slow down significantly has been identified and corrected Android
19 Sep 2016
[FIX] Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when GPS signal was lost during flight iOS, Android, PC
[FIX] Fixed an issue which could cause SkyDemon Mobile MD devices not to start the software PC
15 Sep 2016
[NEW] All printed output has been revamped and made consistent across all platforms iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Airfield plates are now available in the Briefing Pack iOS, PC
[NEW] Briefing Pack creation is now available on Android Android
[NEW] There is now a Share on Social Media button for track logs, letting you easily share a map of your flight with your friends iOS, Android
[NEW] A glideslope is now displayed in virtual radar when flying the extended centreline of a runway iOS, Android
[NEW] It is now possible to create a Debriefing Pack from a flight log, including maps, virtual radar and statistics, for posterity iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now an option for formatting positions as raw decimal degrees iOS, Android, PC
17 Aug 2016
[NEW] The welcome, log in, and first time setup screens have been overhauled to be consistent between platforms iOS, Android
[NEW] User documents specific to airfields are now supported where filenames start with the ICAO identifier then an underscore iOS, Android
[NEW] Touching the route distance and time label near the top of the map zooms the map such that your whole route is visible iOS, Android
[NEW] The language preference is now saved from one run of the app to the next iOS, Android
20 Jul 2016
[NEW] The Airfield Explorer lets you explore airfields, their ground features and traffic guidance on top of aerial photography iOS, Android
[NEW] Circuit diagrams and traffic guidance information are now visible at 250k and larger scales, subject to inclusion in charts iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The What’s Here menu has been enhanced to provide easier access to airfield information iOS, Android
24 Jun 2016
[NEW] The new Create Briefing Pack feature allows you to create a PDF with enroute charts, virtual radar and other briefing output iOS
[NEW] There is now a NOTAM section for ICAO airfields under the new Airfields tab, for easy aerodrome briefing iOS, Android
[NEW] New warning arrows have been introduced on the map and in virtual radar when airspace and obstruction warnings are showing iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Obstruction glyphs on the map and in virtual radar have been updated to be more detailed iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Fuel requirements are now itemised in printed weight and balance output iOS, Android
[FIX] Some chart data could fail to load on devices set to Turkish locale iOS, Android, PC
3 May 2016
[NEW] The Plates tab has been reorganised into an Airfields tab, making more information (not just plates) easier to get to iOS, Android
[NEW] The new SkyDemon 3 chart style now shows trees and de-emphasises terrain with a standard white colour, keeping relief shading iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The list of airfields of interest (for plates, weather and information) is now saved along with your route iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The Document Browser has been replaced with an All Documents feature integrated into the new Airfields tab iOS, Android
[NEW] Waypoint size is now configurable as part of the mapping options, along with the size of map text iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Your settings are now automatically loaded from the cloud when logging in on a new device iOS, Android, PC
17 Mar 2016
[NEW] The Satellite Map screen now has a Find Address tool which lets you precisely locate most street addresses, postcodes or places in the world iOS, Android
[NEW] It is now possible to send your planned route via AirDrop to any nearby iDevice iOS
4 Feb 2016
[NEW] Rainfall overlay is now available for the main map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] A Weather menu is now available, centralising all the weather tools and switches for overlays iOS, Android
[NEW] Animation is now available for the weather overlays, including a new wind visualisation iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The new Log Summary function displays a table with the last year of flight logs and all their details iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now a Track Radial function for tracking or intercepting a given radial from a waypoint using the HSI iOS, Android
[NEW] Access to the SkyDemon version history is now provided through the Help menu iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The Map Layers screen has been reworked to provide faster access to commonly used items iOS, Android
[NEW] It is now possible to adjust the sorting when opening or saving a local file, between A-Z and last modified date iOS, Android
[FIX] The Scratchpad could develop graphical errors on iPad Pro iOS
30 Nov 2015
[NEW] The Document Browser is now available on PCs PC
[NEW] The Airfield Information screen is now available on phones iOS, Android
[FIX] SkyDemon could fail to keep recording position when in the background when running under iOS 9 iOS
19 Nov 2015
[NEW] The new Satellite Map feature allows easy visual identification and location of ground features, and facilitates quick entry and editing of user waypoints corresponding with those features iOS, Android
[NEW] The satellite view in the Airfield Information window has been enhanced to include perspective views of runways iOS, Android
[NEW] Various cosmetic changes including standardising toolbar colours and replacing the zoom button and north indicator with more discoverable mini toolbars iOS, Android
[NEW] The planning toolbar has been rewritten to be compatible with dyamically changing screen widths, supporting split-screen multitasking in iOS 9 iOS
[NEW] Undecoded parts in TAF and METAR are now shown in the decoded view iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is now possible to enable warnings for TMZ and RMZ during flight iOS, Android
30 Sep 2015
[NEW] FIS sector boundaries are now displayed in Virtual Radar to make it clear when to change frequencies iOS, Android
[NEW] FIS frequencies are now available in the What's Here menu iOS, Android
[NEW] Airspace labelling has been improved with curved labels so that more information is shown on the map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] NOTAM affecting the runway you're proposing to use are now displayed in the Airfield Brief and Approach menu iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Boundaries between aggregated controlled airspace displayed in Virtual Radar are now faded slightly to reduce clutter iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Airspace and ATS routes are now included in the Find feature PC
19 Aug 2015
[FIX] A bug in SkyDemon Plan could result in multiple repeating attempts to download a plate, without a way to exit the software PC
[FIX] A bug in Android 4.0.4 could result in a crash when scrolling from one menu to another Android
[FIX] SkyDemon could hang for several seconds when initially assigning a takeoff time to a long route iOS
13 Aug 2015
[NEW] It is now possible to define a circuit and join type for your destination airfield when approaching it, which are drawn on the map for orientation iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The new Airfield Brief is shown when on approach and when on the ground, and gives pertinent airfield and runway information iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Dynon SkyView integration: it is now possible to connect via wifi, use the SkyView as a GPS source and transmit flightplans iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Plates which have been replaced are now kept available on the device until the new version is downloaded iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] An option has been added to manually download high-resolution terrain data for user-defined areas iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is now possible to change the sort order for lists of files in cloud storage between alphabetical and date iOS, Android
13 Jul 2015
[NEW] Touching a leg temporarily reveals its distance, time and magnetic heading, and unlocks it for rubber-banding when navigating iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Improvements to flight log analysis makes it possible to intuitively review the statistics in detail by dragging the aircraft iOS, Android
[NEW] The TAF and METAR briefing can now be sorted by distance along route as well as alphabetically iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now an in-app tool to automatically download the UK Postcode file if you search for one and the file isn't there iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Legibility improvements to the display of other traffic received via Flarm and ADS/B devices iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is now possible to use the "Land Here" functionality at user waypoints iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Alongside Sunrise and Sunset we now also show MCT and ECT, as the start and end of civil twilight iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The "What's Here?" menu has been improved to split airspaces away from other information making it more intuitive iOS, Android
[NEW] Searching for waypoints containing accented characters is now much easier as the accents are no longer required in search text iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The addition of a Help menu facilitates easy access to the User Guide iOS, Android
[NEW] 64bit support added iOS
15 May 2015
[NEW] The UK CAA/NATS chart style has been reintroduced and revamped iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Native x86 processor support has now been enabled Android
[NEW] A bug caused raw HTML to appear in the PLOG and Weather windows on some devices Android
[NEW] A bug prevented some windows around the edge of the main screen from functioning correctly PC
[NEW] A bug sometimes prevented the typing in of a waypoint position in the User Waypoint Editor iOS
5 May 2015
[NEW] Vector aerodrome charts are now included in selected areas iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] SIGMET are now included in the weather briefing screen iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] TAF and METAR are now refreshed significantly faster; an average of three minutes between publication and showing in SkyDemon iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The TAF and METAR decode screens have been replaced with one Weather screen to improve legibility and consistency between products PC
[NEW] The User Waypoint Editor has been overhauled to be more friendly iOS
[NEW] Export to GFP format for the Garmin GTN series of devices is supported PC
[NEW] The size of the font used in PLOG printing can now be explicitly specified PC
[NEW] Increased chart loading performance on startup iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Highlighting of geometric and positioned items on the map has been improved, especially at large scales iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Stability issues affecting SkyDemon software on primarily Lollipop devices have been resolved Android
9 Feb 2015
[NEW] More refinements to the PLOG mean that more planned frequencies are shown when navigating iOS, Android
[NEW] Optimizations to the way settings are saved should result in smoother running iOS, Android, PC
13 Nov 2014
[NEW] The Live PLOG has been completely redesigned to include relevant live information in all sections iOS, Android
[NEW] Page orientation and half-page printing (A5 in A4) have been added as options for all print jobs iOS
[NEW] Printing is now supported Android
[NEW] The PLOG now supports user-interactive removal and insertion of waypoints iOS, Android
[NEW] The PLOG has been reworked to scale better to page and screen sizes iOS, Android
[NEW] The Map Ruler is now additionally available from the What's Here menu iOS
[NEW] Weight and balance printed output now includes the loading envelope iOS, Android
[NEW] Weight and balance now features a clear banner with loading status, and detailed readings of configurations below iOS, Android
20 Oct 2014
[NEW] Mountain Terrain mode can now be switched on when flying to highlight terrain near your level iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Alpine forecast routes (GAFOR) are now integrated within SkyDemon iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] A ruler can now be shown on the map between any two waypoints (with a ctrl-click or from the map menu) to see the distance and bearings between them Android, PC
[NEW] There is now an option in the mapping screen to turn user waypoints on and off iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Airspace classification is now shown in the image in the map inspection menu iOS, Android
[NEW] A helpful hint is now displayed when searching for a UK postcode without the necessary file installed iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] GAR filing advice has now been extended to flights departing from and arriving in Northern Ireland iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The position instrument now respects the user preference regarding inclusion of ICAO identifiers in airfield names iOS, Android, PC
[FIX] An Android bug was preventing entry of a comma as a decimal separator in European locales on certain devices Android
20 Aug 2014
[NEW] A route can now be split into multiple sectors, each its own distinct flight but grouped together into one planned route iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Georeferenced plates are now available Android
[NEW] Track logs can now be exported to KML format for viewing in Google Earth iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Track logs can now be stitched together iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Track log inspection user interface changed to more clearly show log statistics and offer other options PC
[NEW] There is now a Notes field for track logs, allowing free text annotations for posterity PC
[NEW] It is now possible to delete user documents from the document browser by swiping iOS
[NEW] Airspace below the specified level (planning or flying) is now hidden when its top is defined by a height above ground level iOS, Android, PC
13 Jun 2014
[NEW] Grid Maximum Elevation Figures (MEFs) are now available for display on the chart iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] NOTAMs referencing multiple different danger/restricted areas are now individually depicted on the map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] PDF documents can now be opened with SkyDemon, which then automatically adds them to the Document Browser iOS
[NEW] You can now open routes directly from email attachments Android
[NEW] It is now possible to specify aircraft PBN equipment in the aircraft editor iOS, Android, PC
28 Apr 2014
[NEW] The new Wind Analysis feature makes it easy to determine which altitude is the optimal to fly a route iOS, Android
[NEW] Vector plates are now opened automatically in the background when flying in their vicinity iOS, PC
[NEW] Alerts are now displayed when entering the coverage area of a new Flight Information Service iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now a Notes field for flight logs, allowing free text annotations for posterity iOS, Android
[NEW] It is now possible to save custom data to the cloud from a PC, and load it on a device iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The Download AIP feature now has a Download All option iOS, Android
[NEW] Terrain elevations in virtual radar are split into foreground (directly under your path) and background (maximum either side) iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There are now many more AIP plates which can be georeferenced, whose projections were previously incompatible with our own iOS, PC
[NEW] It is now possible to change the labelling of airfields on the map so that the identifier is displayed instead of (or as well as) the name iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] NOTAM for obstructions erected now show purple ICAO multiple-obstruction symbols on the map, and are easier to inspect iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The Create Route window has been overhauled to make it more streamlined iOS, Android
[NEW] The Wind instrument has been improved to show both headwind and crosswind component iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Visual Reference Points with identifiers now have their identifiers included in flightplans iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There are now separate fields for other communications equipment and other navigation equipment in the aircraft editor iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Chart improvements: railways now have sleepers, hard runways are indicated in airfield symbol, urban areas and obstructions are much better at large scales iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Roads and Railways are now individually selectable iOS, Android, PC
26 Feb 2014
[NEW] It is now possible to hide NOTAM from your briefing and from the map when you deem them irrelevant iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The NOTAM window how has a Tools menu which makes it much easier to change briefing type iOS, Android
[NEW] Planning warnings have been redesigned with new colours to be less visually jarring iOS, Android, PC
[FIX] An erroneously-published NOTAM could cause SkyDemon to crash iOS, Android, PC
14 Feb 2014
[NEW] Terrain colouring improved for mountainous areas, with higher resolution tiles available for the Alps iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Document Browser is now available on Android Android
[NEW] Document Browser is now available on iPhone iOS
[NEW] Scratchpad is now available on Android Android
[NEW] Waypoint Tracking enables realtime updates of distance and bearing for arbitrary waypoints in the position instrument, available from the What’s Here menu iOS, Android
[NEW] Joined cableway and power line obstructions are now depicted with much less clutter iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Upper airways are now included in airways mode, merged visually with lower airways for clear display iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] A simpler airspeed-setting user interface has been introduced while there are no aircraft models defined iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The position instrument is now sensitive to being on the ground, and will give useful runway information iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] You can now change the heading and speed of the simulated aircraft by dragging on the end of the trajectory line iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] User interface significantly reworked to be more intuitive with popups and hierarchical navigation Android
[NEW] X-Plane connectivity introduced, for enhanced simulation and testing purposes iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] SkyDemon now checks for updated charts in the background every few hours, and prompts to install them if necessary iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Help is now shown in the virtual radar window when Go Flying has been selected but the aircraft has not yet moved iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] You can now swipe up and down on the zoom button to zoom in or out by one level iOS, Android
[NEW] It is now possible to reset your password from the login screen iOS
[NEW] SkyDemon now requires iOS 6 as a minimum and has been updated for the iOS 7 look and feel iOS
[NEW] Network reachability determination improvements iOS
18 Dec 2013
[NEW] Names of landscapes and waterscapes are now included in our VFR chart iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Roads are now labelled iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Instrument approach fans are now shown in the UK for airfields outside controlled airspace iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] TMZ and RMZ are depicted with large dots to be more compliant with ICAO standards iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Glider launching sites, hang-gliding sites and parachute drop zones no longer have a circle drawn on the chart, only their symbol (warnings are unaffected) iOS, Android, PC
22 Nov 2013
[NEW] You can now create waypoints relative to other waypoints (and postcodes) iOS, Android
[NEW] Aircraft Editor completely overhauled to make it easier to use iOS, Android
[NEW] You can now explicitly specify wind conditions for route calculations iOS, Android
[NEW] NOTAM colouring and formatting has been subtly improved and made consistent in the briefing window iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] You can now long-press on the north indicator to reveal the orientation screen Android
[NEW] You can now switch from nearby airfields to turningpoints in the Direct To screen Android
[NEW] You can now change the size of the in-flight instruments iOS, Android
30 Oct 2013
[NEW] Landscape orientation is now supported on iPhone iOS
[NEW] Further countries and currencies are now supported when submitting fuel prices iOS, Android, PC
17 Oct 2013
[NEW] iPhone is now supported iOS
[NEW] You can now share fuel prices for airfields and switch on a fuel price overlay on the chart iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] UL91 is now a supported fuel type, and can be selected as an "alternate" fuel for aircraft iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] You can now use the weather slider to observe how the weather will change over time iOS, Android, PC
9 Sep 2013
[NEW] Listening squawks are now included for UK airspace, visible on the PLOG and Radio screens iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Airspace activity information can now be accessed directly for certain danger/restricted areas in France, Poland and Czech Republic iOS, Android
22 Jun 2013
[NEW] Traffic integration via PowerFlarm is now supported in SkyDemon iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Advice on when to file a GAR, and how many hours in advance, is now provided in the Flight Details window iOS, Android, PC
23 May 2013
[NEW] Flight logs can now easily be backed up to, and pulled down from, the cloud iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now a "download all in list" feature for the Plates window iOS, Android, PC
19 Apr 2013
[NEW] There is now a feature whereby all TAF/METAR can be downloaded at once for a large region iOS, Android, PC
27 Mar 2013
[NEW] ATS Routes mode introduced for an enhanced experience when flying along airways iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Units for pressure and visibility are now changeable iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] It is now possible to hide all features below a certain altitude when planning iOS, Android, PC
1 Feb 2013
No information on changes is available.
23 Jan 2013
[NEW] IMPROVED: The appearance of the in-flight instruments has been brought in line with other SkyDemon products iOS, Android, PC
21 Dec 2012
[NEW] Georeferenced plates now have a plane icon by them, which can be touched to embed the plate into the map iOS, PC
[NEW] Purchased plate products can now be downloaded in their entirety so they are always available offline iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] There is now a Home button, configurable in planning mode to take you back to your home airfield at a preferred map scale iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Planning warnings about minimum safe altitude can now be suppressed iOS, Android, PC
15 Nov 2012
No information on changes is available.
4 Nov 2012
[NEW] Personal thresholds for good VFR and marginal VFR can now be entered in the planning options, resulting in coloured icons on the map iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Inspection of flight logs on the main map now uses dynamic detail reduction, so you can see more clearly the exact route flown even in circuits iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The airspeed for a given power setting can be specified as TAS rather than IAS iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Lateral empty centre of gravity arm can now be specified in the aircraft properties iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Map scale display is clearer and more concise iOS, Android, PC
11 Oct 2012
[NEW] SkyDemon 2 chart style introduced (is now the default) iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] User waypoints can now be saved to and loaded from the cloud iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The default level for new routes can now be changed (per aircraft) iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Avioportolano chart style introduced (for Italian pilots) iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Airspeed for cruise profiles can now be specified as either IAS or TAS iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Supplementary information configured on a flightplan form is now remembered each time the form is opened iOS, Android, PC
[FIX] Setting explicit dates for NOTAM filtering could sometimes result in disabled controls iOS, Android, PC
29 Aug 2012
[NEW] Multiple fuel tanks are now supported in aircraft configurations iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Printing of the weight and balance calculations and graphs is now an option in the print centre PC
[NEW] Lateral weight and balance is now supported for helicopter pilots iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Sunrise and sunset times are now included in airfield static information iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Manual start and stop of flight logging is now possible iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Export to Garmin FPL format is now supported PC
18 Jul 2012
[NEW] The PLOG can now be exported to HTML and CSV formats for use in other applications PC
[NEW] A Position column can now be enabled in the PLOG to easily view the position of each waypoint iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The Direct To feature now allows searching for any waypoint type, including postcodes iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] The printed PLOG has been enhanced with better waypoint depiction and larger waypoint font sizes iOS, PC
28 Jun 2012
[NEW] Airfield plates are now distributed through SkyDemon, starting with national AIP plates with more to follow iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Cloud storage facilitates easy sharing of routes and aircraft between devices iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] GlideSafe shows you how far you can glide in any direction (on by default when over water) iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Postcode search enables searching by postcode (separate download of postcode databases required) iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Enhanced map clipping controls make it easy to hide airspace above or below your position in flight iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Helicopter, glider and microlight icons are now selectable for the aircraft iOS, Android, PC
[NEW] Create Route window overhauled to make it easier to quickly create local and land-away routes iOS, Android, PC
19 May 2012
No information on changes is available.
23 Mar 2012
No information on changes is available.
28 Feb 2012
No information on changes is available.
19 Sep 2011
No information on changes is available.
28 Jul 2011
No information on changes is available.
3 Jun 2011
No information on changes is available.
6 May 2011
No information on changes is available.
7 Apr 2011
No information on changes is available.
10 Feb 2011
No information on changes is available.
9 Nov 2010
No information on changes is available.
28 Sep 2010
No information on changes is available.
16 Sep 2010
No information on changes is available.
15 Sep 2010
No information on changes is available.
1 Sep 2010
No information on changes is available.
5 Jul 2010
No information on changes is available.
21 Jun 2010
No information on changes is available.
11 Jun 2010
No information on changes is available.
8 Apr 2010
No information on changes is available.
30 Jan 2010
No information on changes is available.
3 Dec 2009
No information on changes is available.
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