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Posted 16 October 2018 (more news)

Last week we posted about some work we'd been doing on the SkyDemon approach tools. We received a lot of feedback from that post and we've continued to refine the appearance of these tools ready for the next release.

You told us that the white and purple arrows were confusing, it wasn't obvious what purpose each served. In cases where we know the circuit pattern we now no longer show any white arrows; we draw the circuit in magenta since it's now part of your route, and include the standard directional ticks on it as well as the larger magenta arrow indicating the join type you've specified. We think this clearer.

We've also hidden the runway extended centreline where you have indicated that you'll be joining the circuit rather than joining on finals. The very last part of your route, from just outside the airfield boundary to the over head, is now also hidden for clarity when you've told us you're going to be joining the circuit. All these hidden items, including circuits for other runways (where present) contribute to a really clear depiction of the chosen circuit, join, and orientation. You may also notice that the airfield brief at the bottom right has changed slightly in order to show the circuit height/altitude as well as the airfield elevation.

We'll be releasing beta versions of this functionality later today, for iOS and Android. Head on over to our beta page if you'd like to try them.
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