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For the very latest news on what we're up to, please see our page on Facebook. We try to post the same news here and there, but on there we are able to directly solicit feedback and also provide pictures and links which better show what we're working on.

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Map Features at Small Scales
03 March 2020

In the latest version of SkyDemon we wanted to make the map more useful when you're zoomed right out to 10M, 5M or 3M scales. We made it so that touching anywhere on the map at these zoomed-out scales takes you straight in where you touched, to a normal 500k scale for planning. More importantly, ...

UK Airspace Changes
18 February 2020

Watch out for big changes in the airspace of south-eastern England, effective on Thursday 27th February. The new Farnborough airspace consists of a CTA in nine parts (classes D and E), a CTR in two parts and a TMZ in two parts.

Using Your Log Data
17 January 2020

We drew this heatmap of south-east England from your anonymised logged flights over the past two years, held in SkyDemon cloud storage. We want to create more of these, to help each other and the general public understand how and where we fly. They will be crucial in helping our regulators and ai...

Year Summary
19 December 2019

This year has been a great year for development in SkyDemon. We've introduced powerful and innovative new features like verbal traffic information, which acts like your own personal air traffic controller talking to you about nearby traffic. We've rewritten the NOTAM, TAF and METAR briefings so they...

Our Birthday
04 December 2019

SkyDemon is ten years old this week!

More Improvements to Find
29 November 2019

In the next version of SkyDemon we've brought the Find tool out of hiding in navigation mode. It used to reside in the main menu, but we thought that it deserved to be promoted so we've moved it to top of the screen (only when there is sufficient room). We also took a look at what people are actu...

Improvements to Find
21 November 2019

In the forthcoming update to SkyDemon for iOS and Android, the Find window now supports street addresses as well as all the aeronautical features it has done before. Addresses including road names, postcodes, house names or even points of interest can be input and the map will take you straight t...

User Waypoints
12 November 2019

Last week we asked you what more you'd like to see from our User Waypoints feature. You gave us loads of feedback so we'd like to share with you the work we've done so far for the next version of SkyDemon. User Waypoints are now organised into folders, so you can manage them more easier. You can ...

User Waypoints
06 November 2019

In the next version of SkyDemon we are planning a few enhancements to the User Waypoints feature. We understand there are many different ways in which you use this feature, so to make sure we have all bases covered, why not tell us what more we could do to help you manage and maintain all of your...

Warnings on Magenta Line
24 October 2019

We're playing with a feature where warnings about airspace you're entering with your planned route are marked up on your magenta line, with little yellow ticks, as shown in this screenshot. As with most things shown on the map, you can find out more information in the What's Here screen by pressi...