Adopt an Airfield

If you are the owner or operator of an airfield, adopting that airfield by linking your SkyDemon account to it brings you a number of advantages, and helps it stand out from the crowd.

If you are the owner or operator of an airfield, or the owner or operator has indicated that you can be the person responsible for updating its pricing data and representing it, you will need to contact us so that we can make the changes to your account.

After Adoption

Once your SkyDemon account has been linked to your airfield, you use the same Send Feedback and Pilot Notes functionality within SkyDemon that you used before. However the Send Feedback screen will look completely different, giving you many more options, and under Pilot Notes any notes that you write will be highlighted specially.

Please note that in order for your airfield to keep its special colours and extra information, you must visit to refresh that information at least every four weeks.

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