SkyDemon Mobile Documentation

This documentation will take you through every significant feature of your SkyDemon Mobile device as a series of guides. You can refer to a specific topic individually or read the whole thing to gain a deeper understanding of your device as a whole, and to learn tips and tricks to maximise the value you gain from it.

You'll also find a couple of useful videos on all the basic Planning and Flying features here.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. Starting Your SkyDemon GPS
    2. Chart Appreciation
    3. Instrument Appreciation
    4. Registration, Part 1
    5. Syncing with your Computer
    6. Registration, Part 2
  2. Planning a Route
    1. Chart Management
    2. Creating a Route with the Route Editor
    3. Creating a Route on the Map
    4. Briefing with SkyDemon Charts
    5. Managing Saved Routes
    6. Obtaining a NOTAM Briefing
    7. TAF and METAR Briefing
  3. Flying a Route
    1. Route Guidance
    2. Position Reporting
    3. Live Pilot Log
    4. Dynamic Airfield Plates
    5. Direct To
    6. Adjusting your Route In Flight
    7. Nearby Air Traffic Services - Radio
    8. Journey Logging and Statistics
  4. Using the Instruments
    1. Direction Indicator / Course Correction Indicator
    2. Groundspeed
    3. Altimeter
    4. Horizontal Situation Indicator / Pseudo ILS
    5. Virtual Radar
  5. Warnings and Navigation Aids
    1. Airspace and NOTAM Warnings
    2. Obstruction Warnings
    3. Off-Course Warnings
    4. Airspace Notifications
    5. TerrainSafe
    6. Extended Runway Centrelines
    7. GlideSafe Technology
    8. PowerFLARM
  6. Briefing Facilities
  7. Other Tools
    1. Timers
    2. Scratchpad
    3. X-Plane and SkyDemon
    4. SkyDemon Mobile SD/MD Device Settings
    5. Window Management
  8. SkyDemon on Windows Mobile/CE Devices
    1. Installation
    2. GPS Setup