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Posted 06 February 2019 (more news)

The forthcoming version of SkyDemon offers spoken output for the first time.

When connected to a traffic receiver, our new Verbal Traffic Information feature will warn you about an aircraft that is going to get too close to you, and tell you about other aircraft within visual range which may get close to you if they change course. The feature aims to offer a similar service that ground-based controllers might give, to advise you about traffic without requiring you to look at the screen. It constantly analyses your trajectory as well as that of others, and does not bother you with information about traffic that isn't relevant.

Our existing in-flight warnings have been upgraded to offer spoken output as well. Now you can choose whether to have only sounds playing when the warnings appear, switch to speech, or use both.

SkyDemon now monitors your position when taxiing on the ground, and produces spoken output when you are about to enter a runway. This is to help prevent runway incursions and also to provide verbal reassurance that you are about to line up on the correct runway.

There is a public beta out now, containing all these features, if you're interested in trying them in an early form and giving us feedback. Just head to the beta page on our website (http://www.skydemon.aero/start/beta.aspx) where you can download the current Android beta or sign up to our iOS beta programme. Or, simply wait for this new version to be released to the public within a few weeks.
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