French GAFOR

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Posted 07 January 2019 (more news)

We now have French GAFOR forecasts in SkyDemon.

GAFOR is an excellent way of simplifying cloudbase and visibility together to deliver a forecast of closed, marginal, difficult or open. The forecast is delivered in two-hour time slices and applies either to a route (in mountainous territory with passes and valleys) or to an area (in flatter or mixed territories).

In SkyDemon, the routes are shown as thick, coloured dotted lines which are red, orange, green or blue. The areas (these are used in France) are shown as polygons with the same colouring in their outlines. In both cases we show the latest three GAFOR forecasts in the middle with letters X, M, D or O showing how the forecast is going to change over time. You can use the time slider to scroll backwards and forwards in time and see how the weather picture changes.
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