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Posted 21 November 2018 (more news)

Version 3.11 of SkyDemon is out now for iOS, Android and PC.

In the mobile editions of SkyDemon we've done loads of work to improve the tools available for assisting an approach. Most of the work has been done around visual approaches to a known circuit; we now offer a selection of circuits for a runway where multiple circuits exist, and prioritise those for the type of aircraft you're flying. When you've selected a runway, circuits for other runways are hidden for clarity. Your standard magenta route line is now truncated just before it gets to the airfield so that you can see the circuits and other traffic guidance more clearly.

The Airfield Brief at the bottom right corner of the screen has been made clearer, with an explicit "Make Approach" button now shown there and the height of the selected circuit shown once one has been selected.

Instrument approaches are also now included in the Make Approach screen when IFR features are enabled, and this is a quick way of bringing up the georeferenced instrument approach charts and embedding them in your map.
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