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Posted 09 October 2018 (more news)

Have you used the tools in SkyDemon that help you make a VFR approach to a circuit?

For a few years now, you've been able to tap on the Airfield Brief when approaching your destination, or one of the buttons at the end of its extended runway centrelines, and nominate a runway and circuit join. SkyDemon then shows a generic circuit and arrows showing the direction of travel around the circuit, where and how you'll be joining it and a shaded area over the dead side. This helps with orientating yourself relative to the active runway and circuit when approaching an unfamiliar airfield.

In the forthcoming version of SkyDemon we have taken these tools further, incorporating the data we now hold on prescribed circuit patterns to reduce the number of screen touches required and greatly improve the information displayed.

In this example when approaching Gillingham we called Compton Abbas who informed us runway 08 was in use with a LH circuit. We touch the 08 button on the map, LH is already selected, and then choose Standard Overhead Join. The dead side is then shaded in red, the large purple arrow shows our selected join type and the small white arrows show our direction around the main circuit. If we were flying a microlight, the guidance would be applied to the smaller microlight circuit instead. If there were other runways at this airfield, their circuit diagrams would be hidden to reduce clutter.
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