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Posted 11 June 2018 (more news)

The forthcoming version of SkyDemon includes some exciting new functionality and presentation for airfields.

When you are looking at an airfield in the Airfields tab, you'll see the information has been reorganised to be more intuitive. In planning mode there are quick shortcuts for emailing and calling the airfield, or visiting its website. In navigation mode you'll see all the frequencies listed, removing the need for another touch to enter the Approach Information section. Access to TAF, METAR and NOTAM for an airfield has been streamlined too, making more room on the page for other information.

We've also been working on the social elements of our airfield support. You'll notice a new Pilot Notes button in the screenshot, where you can write notes on an airfield which are visible to all SkyDemon users. Unlike previous functionality, these notes are available forever, and the red annotation shows any unread notes which might tell you something useful about an airfield before you fly there.

Airfield owners will also have the tools they need to publish landing fees, fuel prices, facility availability and even events directly into SkyDemon. The new Find a Destination tool can be used to generate a map highlighting airfields by their facilities, or by fuel availability.

There's a lot to play with, and we'll be previewing these new features at Aero Expo UK on Thursday and Friday of this week.
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