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Posted 29 March 2017 (more news)

Are you coming to Aero Friedrichshafen next week? It's Europe's biggest aviation trade fair and we will be there, showing off two new features in particular.

The first feature in this video shows pilot feedback. We took our existing fuel price sharing feature and extended it, making it easy for you to send a quick piece of feedback about an airfield you've visited. This includes fuel price, landing fee, presence of facilities and other comments. Other pilots can switch on a map overlay to quickly find new airfields to fly to, and they will benefit instantly from your real-world feedback.

The second feature shows our new traffic radar instrument. On a phone you can switch your entire SkyDemon display to show the traffic radar, and on a tablet (like in the video) the traffic radar lives at the bottom right of the screen and "pops out" with a quick touch. It presents a simple and intuitive view of the traffic around you which is being picked up by your traffic receiving device (such as Flarm or ADS/B). Proximity warnings are generated by SkyDemon when necessary and the instrument highlights any traffic that is getting too close. In this simulation, we move one of the other traffic targets close to our own trajectory to see what happens.

Come and join us in Friedrichshafen next week so we can show you both features and answer all your questions.
See our Facebook page for the video.
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