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Posted 15 March 2017 (more news)

Have you ever wished SkyDemon could tell you the landing fee at an airfield, or whether food is available? How about just knowing the experiences of other pilots who have flown there recently?

The forthcoming version of SkyDemon expands upon our existing fuel price sharing technology to integrate much richer crowd-sourced data for airfields. We make it easy for you to quickly share your experience of flying to an airfield, with a simple form. We then take that data, massage it a little and deliver it to every SkyDemon user who knows they want to go flying, but hasn't yet decided where to go.

Simply open the Airfields tab to see the option to turn on the map annotations shown in this screenshot. You can view the pilot feedback in more detail from the Airfields tab too, including reading the latest information about the airfield as written by other pilots.

We are still working on this feature, and you can help! Simply get involved in our beta programme for iOS or Android at the link below.
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