SkyDemon 3.7.1

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Posted 16 January 2017 (more news)

SkyDemon 3.7.1 is out now.

In this version we have enhanced the way track logs are shown on the map, as well as in virtual radar, by making it clear where gaps in the recording took place. These gaps are normally caused by a temporary GPS signal outage while navigating.

Weight and Balance has also been improved with the addition of a "simple" model which for many aircraft will more than suffice. It enables an easy "maximum weight" to be recorded for an aircraft and SkyDemon will use a simple total to determine whether the aircraft is too heavy with fuel, passengers etc. More comprehensive weight and balance calculations including centre of gravity are of course still available and existing profiles will remain unchanged.

Lastly, we have made some speed improvements to map rendering on iOS and PC devices. You may notice these as you pan around the map.
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