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For the very latest news on what we're up to, please see our page on Facebook. We try to post the same news here and there, but on there we are able to directly solicit feedback and also provide pictures and links which better show what we're working on.

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Warnings Tab
06 December 2017

The forthcoming version of SkyDemon introduces a Warnings tab in planning mode. This tab shows all the warnings generated by SkyDemon for the route you're planning, which were previously in the Flight Details tab. We've enhanced the wording for many of them to make them clearer. We brought warnings ...

NOTAM Depiction
13 November 2017

The forthcoming 3.8.5 version of SkyDemon makes it clearer when a piece of airspace has been established by NOTAM, such as these pieces of temporary class D airspace established in the south-east of the UK today.

Airfield Proximity Warnings
25 October 2017

The next version of SkyDemon introduces Airfield Proximity warnings. You'll see a warning in planning mode if one of your planned legs takes you very close to an airfield that you're not actually landing at. You'll see a warning in navigation mode if you're about to fly very close to an airfield whi...

UAT Trial
10 October 2017

Did you know that we are part of a trial broadcasting UAT in the UK? UAT is a technology used in the USA to broadcast weather data from ground to air, among other things. When you're within range of a UAT transmitter and flying a suitably-equipped aircraft, your devices can pick up this live we...

Radio Tab
04 October 2017

Introducing the new Radio tab, coming in the next version of SkyDemon. Replacing the Radio screen which is currently available under the main menu, it shows you all the frequencies you can currently use to talk to someone based on your current position, and the frequencies you may want to switch to ...

Power Lines
04 September 2017

Would you like to see overhead electricity transmission lines in SkyDemon? We have prototyped their display, and would only show them at 250k map scale or even more detailed. They're primarily intended for the benefit of helicopter pilots but we hope others would find them useful too.

LAA Rally
30 August 2017

We will be having fun in a tent this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, exhibiting at the LAA Rally at Northampton Sywell airfield. We're looking forward to talking with lots of lovely customers and showing off the new features we've developed for the forthcoming version of SkyDemon. Will you be coming...

Quick Track
29 August 2017

Our last couple of posts on here have both been seeking feedback on ideas we've had about quickly determining your distance to something on the map when flying. Between them they generated hundreds of comments! We've taken your feedback on board and have come up with the attached feature. When yo...

Trajectory Line
21 August 2017

Last week's post generated quite a lot of feedback on the way you measure distances in SkyDemon and particularly when ATC or somebody else asks you how far away something is. The trajectory line in SkyDemon has always been 2, 5 and 10 minutes ahead or miles ahead, depending on your preference. In...

Distance-Based Alerts
14 August 2017

SkyDemon has always offered an in-flight timer feature, where you can set up your own timers which will periodically remind you to do something during your flight. This is great for such things as remembering to check the engine temperatures and pressures. From time to time we are asked if we c...

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